• Drug Charges

    Whether you've been charged with possession or possession for sale, a Criminal Defense Attorney can help.


    As a Criminal Defense Attorney I have handled hundreds of drug cases of all types.


    Drug cases fall into three distinct categories:


    Possession of a controlled substance,

    Being under the influence of a controlled substance, and

    Sales, possession for purposes of sale, cultivation & manufacture.


    Except for the possession of a small amount of marijuana, these types of charges are usually charged as felonies.



    In mere possession cases, our goal is to ultimately get the charges dismissed. “Drug Court” normally handles this type of case with the goal of not having the client coming back into the criminal justice system again.



    Being under the influence of an illegal drug can result in felony charges. Contact me to discuss non-jail alternatives, reduction of charges, and procedures that may lead to the dismissal of your case.



    Sales, and possession for sales cases are more difficult, but I have had very good results in getting these types of charges reduced, or in cases with a successful motion to suppress evidence, dismissed. Obviously, the best possible effort must be made to suppress evidence taken in a police seizure, and the latest and most cogent authority is used in our Motions to Suppress Evidence, and any other pertinent motion.



    There are several alternatives to jail in many drug cases, such as Prop. 36, Deferred Entry of Judgment, as well as other alternatives to incarceration which are designed to keep you out of jail and in rehabilitation.