• Shoplifting and Theft

    Talking to a Defense Attorney with vast experience will help put your mind at ease


    Many people who have never been in trouble with the law sometimes get involved in theft offenses such as shoplifting or other theft crimes, like credit card fraud


    There are two options sometimes available to have the charges dismissed:



    Diversion, that is, the dismissal of charges after participation in classes or therapy, is available only in some counties.



    Civil compromise, that is, a negotiated settlement resembling that of a civil lawsuit, is technically available in all counties. Even though the courts and retailers are reluctant to agree to a civil compromise, I have had excellent results getting this remedy for my clients, and the end result is a dismissal of all charges.



    Prior convictions for theft and other offenses present unique problems to a theft case since a second time petty theft can be charged as a felony. I have had very good success in getting prior convictions stricken from theft cases.



    More serious theft charges like check fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, and other theft related offenses require strong advocacy to keep the client out of jail. I have been able to obtain excellent results in cases that sometimes looked hopeless.